We’re super spoilt here for eating out. Honestly, if I wasn’t (as you know) now best friends with the treadmill and the pool I would seriously need to elasticate all my waist bands.

This is the weekend so far…

Friday night. We meet up with some friends at The Trenchard Arms. Now here’s an oddity – an English style pub that manages not to be ridiculous alongside all the street cafes but stands its ground. The craft beers are all brewed in Singapore and apparently you need the ice to dilute the gin in the gin and (dash of) tonic – always a good sign.

Then we fancied a curry (as you do.) Zaffron Kitchen is further down the East Coast Road. It specializes in North and South indian cuisine. Blimey I thought, that’s an entire sub-continent worth of specials! When we sat down the very efficient manager said ‘we don’t do South Indian food.’ So, that solved that one. North indian food here we come. Chicken tikka wrapped in spinach, chana masala and roti bread. No idea if that is a north indian speciality but it was so good. And spicy. So spicy Dom got hiccups and my eyes watered.

Today, in need of a restorative tonic I wandered to my favourite juice bar in Parkway Parade. Slighty revived by a watermelon, apple and ginger juice. Nearly had to put my sunglasses on to approach the counter but got by with just squinting.


Hmmm peckish now and shopping is hard boring work. On the Joo Chiat Road is the best Vietnamese cafe. I ordered a light nibble – these prawns are wrapped with vermicelli noodles, shredded lettuce and centred around a strip of salad onion. You dunk it in a peanutty chilli sauce. God, it’s amazing.

fat angel

Later on, I suggest cooking some supper. Greeted with a general raspberry from well, the whole family, so noodles it is. Off we go to a backstreet noodle cafe. Fei Fei Wanton Noodles. God the kids love it here. It’s been going since Grandad Fei Fei started it in 1949 and it’s still in the family. Wanton Mee is what they do and it’s always packed. 24 hours a day.

millie at fei fei

Oh lordy, I’ve just realised it’s only Saturday! That is half-a-weekend. I am going for a little lie down…