We had a babysitter, I was wearing lipstick, so it can only mean one thing – a night out! On a recommendation from a family on our condo who actually have a social life we were told to go to mooch around Duxton Hill and particularly to go to a certain tapas bar.

Now, as we know, Dom has had 9 months here as a bachelor boy before the kids and I arrived to cramp his style so he begins to tell me about another place near Duxton Hill.

Dom “You go into a bookshop and get a password and then go into another part of the bookshop and have to give a password, they press a book in the wall and a secret door opens and lets you into a bar.”

Me “A speakeasy! OHMYGOD – LET’S GO!

Dom “It’s only 8pm, we are sober and hungry and have to be home by 11pm”

Me “Dammit”

So we go to the coolest tapas bar. And it was full of very fragrant, beautiful people. Whenever someone wafted past you, you were hit by a sniff of expensive perfume and Elnett. A glass of bubbles later and we ordered a few plates. Tapas are great for the rich and eternally thin as you can get away with clearing your plate with one mouthful, declaring you are full and still pay the same price as a full blown meal. Saying that, the evening was worth every one of our hard earned pennies. Recommend it for people-watching/lovely ambience. For those in Singapore it was Sabio.

Afterward we went to a bar for a last drink which will remain nameless because it was oh so awful in how hard it was trying; and then headed back home. On the way we decided we were hungry – alas the downside of tapas – so we did a quick pitstop on the Joo Chiat Road for a bowl of noodles and a Tiger Beer in our favourite street cafe and watched our local nightlife – more on that later….