joo chiat road

Things I have learnt since arriving in Joo Chiat:

  • It’s a hotch potch of shops, street cafes, posher restaurants and karaoke bars. By day, it’s artisan bakeries (baguettes on a weekend morning with a takeaway latte), my favourite Vietnamese cafe with it’s bowls of herb filled noodles, home-made ice cream shops and bucket supermarkets.
  • If you shut your kitchen window and cut a baby gekko clean in half, it is a lot like snapping a kit kat.
  • It is stressful finding a live gekko in your underwear drawer. Almost contemplated not wearing any but that would guarantee falling over in the street (every surface is a trip hazard and I am super clumsy).
  • Everyone likes to chat; it doesn’t seem to matter if it’s not the same language.
  • Kids are like chameleons and adapt much easier than their mother.

And lastly, in the UK you think nothing of a 30 minute walk to anywhere (usually to warm up), here you can last for 10 minutes before you wilt. Literally.